Why we live here moments

Today I was talking to the guests that are currently staying in our home and they reminded me about something locals sometimes say.  Basically, when caught up in the business of tourism, you can get lost in your work and get to a moment when you realize that you have not been to the beach or gone on a hike [...]

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Upcoming Music

St John is full of Live Music. From regular traveling acts to local bands and solo acts there seems to be live music everywhere. This Month is the Height of activity with the St John Blues Festival going on along with a full lineup of traveling acts. Here are my picks for the best upcoming shows. March 16 - Cat Bratten band [...]

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Wedding Season

Are you getting married in St John? Dreaming of a beach wedding on one of St John's perfect unspoiled beaches? Each year we get tons of folks having amazing destination weddings here on the Island and Starlit Escape is the ideal place to stay for big groups looking for reasonable accommodations. As wedding season ramps up, my band is starting to book [...]

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St John, The Healing Island

As I dunked my head in the crystal clear blue and quickly forgot all my problems, I remembered something I have been saying for years. "St John is the ideal place to heal". Maybe your job is getting to you, maybe the economic "whatever" is causing you stress. Maybe your feet hurt from being punished in tightly laced boots that only barely [...]

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St John For Families

We just had our family visit again and it reminded me how well St John accomodates family vacations and helps bring people together naturally. The thing is, I thought this would be a difficult trip for them. Two teenage daughters staying out in an isolated private quiet villa. You have to fear that they will be bored all the time. We have [...]

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How to Grow a Pina Colada

As I lugged 5 gallon buckets of water around the property to wet down my thirsty plants, I passed under the big coconut tree and realized that we have these Coconuts hanging over our pineapple plants, and thought "this is the pina colada section of the yard". How clear the impetus for this drink became and I wondered if some pineapple farmer [...]

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Beach Party

Happy Birthday Jared! To celebrate St John style we had a Beach Party at Francis Bay, one of our favorite beaches. It was a magnificent day, one of those picture perfect days in paradise where the sun is high, a slight breeze keeps the picturesque white clouds floating by, the water is perfectly calm and crystal clear: just right for floating with [...]

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Coral Bay Restaurants

Coral Bay is out there, both geographically and well.... But that does not mean you can't get good food. There are lots of good restaurants and bars in Coral Bay. Here is a descripiton of each of St John's most easterly eaterys. Aqua Bistro - Garden Setting bistro food, bar menu and table menu. Nice place to have a drink. Skinny Legs [...]

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Summer in the North/Summer in the South

In one day summer ended and fall began in Colorado. Two days later, we escaped back down to where we wouldn't freeze. See I don't own socks. You don't need them in St John. It definately seems like summer is over at this time of year up North, but when you get down in the tropics, Summer has just begun. The beaches [...]

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Full Moon, the best time of the year

People always ask us what the best time of year to visit St John is. My response remains the same, during the full moon. Although, every couple of days I say to Angie that in-fact this moment may be the best time to visit. The full moon is tremendously special down in the Virgin Islands. Not only does it seem brighter and [...]

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