In one day summer ended and fall began in Colorado. Two days later, we escaped back down to where we wouldn’t freeze. See I don’t own socks. You don’t need them in St John. It definately seems like summer is over at this time of year up North, but when you get down in the tropics, Summer has just begun. The beaches are deserted down here right now, and we love that. Angie and I were completely alone yesterday when we just had to take a dip to cool off. Summer means SLOW. And it is clear that all here now are m o v i n g v e r y s l o w. Lots of the restaurants have taken a break, well deserved being that most of us work 7 days a week from November to July. Hopefully we will get some of oyu down here to check out this deserted island one year. we miss you all in the States
jared and Angie