As I dunked my head in the crystal clear blue and quickly forgot all my problems, I remembered something I have been saying for years. “St John is the ideal place to heal”. Maybe your job is getting to you, maybe the economic “whatever” is causing you stress. Maybe your feet hurt from being punished in tightly laced boots that only barely keep back the frigid. Maybe, even though those boots have tread, you still slipped on the ice and the cold just wont release your muscles from pain. Maybe your kids keep bringing back science experiments from school that quickly infect you, but you can’t stop working. Maybe you have had a real tragedy. Maybe, i know the cure.

So many visitors to St John, whether consciously or unconsciously, find what they need here to reconcile with what ails them. Any vacation could do it probably, but St John is so stacked with therapeutic qualities that I am willing to bet it is impossible to leave this place feeling worse. The beauty of it is that so many of them organically affect you that you don’t even realize you are in therapy. Here is a list of the top ten healing methods St John has to offer along with their various applications.

10. Island Time – If you are thinking about a trip here, you already probably get this, but it strikes true immediately upon arrival. Some people try to resist it at first, clutching to the familiar pace of life, but most if not all tend to achieve chill status in short order. You can actually stand on the Ferry Dock and watch people in real time adapt to the easy going lifestyle. Cures – anxiety
9. The Weather – Another that hits you on arrival. Here, temperatures sit within the range of “ideal”. Not too hot, never ever, ever cold. Sunshines 360 days a year. The other five provide strikingly gorgeous views of the clouds and an excuse to just laze around. Cures – stiff joints, achy bones, allows bound feet to finally air out,
8. The Quiet – there is no such peaceful sound as that of nature untouched by human noise. Cures – cloudy head syndrome, mental overload
7. Good Morning – In St John, politeness comes before business. Saying good morning or good afternoon to a complete stranger or hearing it said to you can melt away anger or pent up negativity. This lesson spreads positivity and good will contagiously at an exponential rate. Cures – Boo Hoo’s, grumpiness, fear of strangers, prejudices
6. The Stars and the Moon – This I am sure we can not lay claim to in any exclusivity, but so often the Sky here at night provides breathtaking “oh wow look at the stars”. No telling the power of the darkness, but look at how the night sky has affected history. Cures – forgotten spiritual appreciation
5. Sailing – The pace of transportation slowed to a crawl, but moving in perfect time with the waves like a a choreographed dance. This motion, powered only by the wind, will transport you back to a time before speed. Cures – missing links
4. Rum – Used as a medicine for years now, the only of St John’s top therapy methods that must be used in moderation. Generally causes happiness and lively affairs. Cures – uptightness, “i dont know what I want to drink”
3. The Isolation – So there you are trapped on island with only your friends or family. Suddenly you get to know each other again and create true lasting memories as you navigate the unusual St John together. Cures – “We never get to hang out”,
2. The Beach – Hey “Life’s a beach” right? So live man. If you can’t be healed, even a little, sitting on soft white sand in the Caribbean, then I think we ought to dunk your head in the top reason St John can heal you.
1. The Water – “the big blue pill”. There is no human element that I have come across can’t be made better by a float on the clear aqua saltwater in St John. I challenge anyone to a floating contest, I can lay there all day. Cures – body aches, head aches, hangovers (see #4), BO, bad hair, bad attitudes

See you in therapy