Happy Birthday Jared! To celebrate St John style we had a Beach Party at Francis Bay, one of our favorite beaches. It was a magnificent day, one of those picture perfect days in paradise where the sun is high, a slight breeze keeps the picturesque white clouds floating by, the water is perfectly calm and crystal clear: just right for floating with a cocktail. The colors down here are always so amazing on those kinds of days, everything just pops out at you like you are walking around in some kind of polarized lens. The foliage on the hillsides above Francis is a rich true green against the turquoise water it just looks magical. I still can’t believe we live here. Back to the party though, we got our crazy crew of friends together, down here everyone knows each other since it is such a small community and everyone loves to come out for a beach BBQ. We fired up the grill and had some tasty sausage and peppers, the girls floated in the shallow water keeping cool while they gossiped and the boys they played a new version of horseshoes that we have created for the beach. I think it may become a new sport on ESPN. The sun doesn’t go down until about 6:30 now over the summer so these magical beach days just float on and on and there is nothing more beautiful than watching the sun set while relaxing in the calm warm water. A great birthday! Oh, Jared had fun too! Now all I have to do to complete his birthday wishes is make him his favorite dish, Macaroni and Cheese. I would love anyone’s recipe if you have one that I have to try. Until then…enjoy life…it’s delicious!