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We thought that these St. John links would help you learn more about the island, and help you prepare for your St. John Villa Vacation.

Virgin Islands National Park
The Virgin Islands National Park covers more than 75% of the island, and also includes thousands of acres of submerged lands. Forested mountains, coral reefs, mangrove forests, historical sites, pristine beaches and coastline all are forever preserved on this tiny island. This website has some nice photos of the park:

St. John Beaches and Hiking Information
The best. source we know of for exploring St. John is the Gerald Singer’s Book “St. John Off the Beaten Path”. This is his website which has ordering information and lots of good stuff about St. John. We keep a copy of this book at the villa as well as many other local guide books for your convenience.

Skinny Legs
Although there are tons of great restaurants on St. John, this infamous Coral Bay burger joint and home for aging pirates is an absolute must in any St. John vacation. Great for watching people, meeting friends, watching sports and enjoying live music. I really like their “Local Info” page.

Sam & Jack’s Deli
Angie’s new gourmet deli offering Hot and cold gourmet deli sandwiches,  grab and go gourmet comfort food dinners, house roasted meats, fresh fruit smoothies, fresh baked breads, hand rolled pasta and ravioli, house made bottled sauces, tapenades and sandwich spreads, fresh squeezed lemonade, homemade cookies, ice cream, tiramisu, homemade potato chips and so much more…  This is a lunch MUST on St John.

Coral Bay Information
This is “Mean Jean’s” website. She has been living in Coral Bay for quite a while and has great insight on what’s going on. We also think she is real nice.

St. John Weather
You don’t really need a weatherman around here, it’s always nice. High of 84, low of 72 in the winter. High of 88, low of 80 in the summer. Got to love it. But if you have to check, we use wunderground. Please note that the forecasting models are designed for continental weather. So if it says rain, it might rain for a minute, but don’t worry, the sun shines EVERY DAY.

St. John Historical Society
The history of the Caribbean is intensely rich. On St. John, it goes back before we know, but it is wild to think that St. John was colonized before the United States. Check these guys out if you’re a history buff.

World Travel
This site offers a great code of ethics for world travelers. If only everyone were as respectful as our guests, who by their own human nature already follow this. A bit dry, but good if you have the time.

Hidden Reef Eco Tours
These kayak trips are the best. Definitely a great adventurous day.

St. John Real Estate
Lots of our guests are interested in owning a piece of paradise. Jared can help you find homes, land, condos, commercial opportunities or timeshares.

St. John Spice
One of the best. gifts to take home with you from St. John is some nice local seasonings and hot sauces. Many hot sauces and grill rubs are made right here on St. John. St. John Spice is the place to buy them. Once you get home, you can order replacements online at their site.

Sweet Plantains
Arguably the Best Restaurant in the Virgin Islands, this extremely unique St John and beyond menu will keep you raving. Nearby the house, frequent “best chef in the Virgin Islands” winner, Rose, creates full flavor dishes ranging from Curries (East or West Indian) to my favorite Short Ribs with grits and all dishes come with Sweet Plantains. Don’t miss this dine in a classic but classy Coral bay atmosphere.

Mathayom Catering and Private Chefs
Mispronounced since 1972 is on their t-shirts, but this catering company will knock your socks off with anything you want. By far the most professional service personnel and highest level chefs on St John make this the only choice if you want to make an event great or just have a simple romantic private meal cooked for you in the Villa.

The Beach Bar
In St. John, there is live music pretty much every night. The Beach Bar is one of the best venues for seeing bands. You should also check out Fred’s, across from the Lime Inn Restaurant, for great live reggae and calypso bands, and Island Blues in Coral Bay for blues and rock and roll.

St. John is full of live Music. Jared’s band “The ISH” plays often during the season. Jared also plays with a number of other bands, check this facebook page for schedule updates.!/pages/the-ISH/235944902478

Full Moon Resort
Our neighbors across the street own this resort in upstate New York. Their cottage across the street will begin allowing us to take parties of up to 16 sometime in 2008.

Yummygal’s Two Cents Blog
One of our guests who writes a great blog about St John and other travel destinations.  Good info from an outside perspective.

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