Blue sunset

Today I was talking to the guests that are currently staying in our home and they reminded me about something locals sometimes say.  Basically, when caught up in the business of tourism, you can get lost in your work and get to a moment when you realize that you have not been to the beach or gone on a hike in weeks.  When you finally go, it is “why I live here moment”.  A full refresh.  Ultimately, today I was inspired by my guests.  There are these great moments when I watch people react to St John for the first time.  The kids were glowing, they had just snorkeled with turtles, the parents were in awe that you could go to the beach and not be solicited at all.  The inspiration that they had made me proud that we helped them discover this place.  So My wife and I took the time to go on a short hike and take a swim.  Full Refresh and looking forward to summer time.  Hopefully we can refresh you when you get down here.  Check out the Blue Sunset we captured